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NCAA Basketball 2011 Attendance: Big Ten, Big East Lead Pack

The NCAA has released attendance figures for men's basketball this year, including a list of schools with the best attendance, and a list of schools with the greatest attendance jumps over the previous season. The top school in terms of attendance was Kentucky, whose games had an average of 23,603 fans. After that were Syracuse, Louisville and North Carolina. West Virginia ranked No. 33 with an average of 11,529 fans per game, while Pitt was at No. 36 (10,843) and Penn State was No. 70 (7,457). 


The largest increases in attendance, perhaps unsurprisingly, belonged to BYU and San Diego State, who were the class of the Mountain West conference and racked up impressive records at the start of the year. (BYU being led by a big star in Jimmer Fredette also probably didn't hurt.)


The Big Ten (12,826 per game) and Big East (11,323) had the highest average conference attendance figures, followed by the SEC and the Big 12. 

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.