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Pitt Basketball Coach Jamie Dixon Leads University Employees In Salary

Men's basketball coach Jamie Dixon led the way for University of Pittsburgh employees when it came to salary for the 2009 calendar year numbers recently released and reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Dixon was paid nearly $1.7 million during that year.


Former football coach Dave Wannstedt wasn't far behind with reportedly more than $1.4 million. Other notable employees on the list were Athletic Director Steve Pederson, who earned nearly $600,000 and Chancellor Mark Nordenberg, who made a little under $700,000.


We can all, obviously, run down the idea of just how much is too much for a coach, but that would be foolish as they have the right to earn whatever the market will bear. And while some fans fed up with Pitt's basketball team not advancing to a Final Four under Dixon's leadership may groan at the fact that he's the highest-paid employee at the university, the bottom line is that it's possible that the basketball program has been the most successful department (that is also a strong revenue generator) at Pitt since he took over.


Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.