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West Virginia To SEC May Not Make Sense

With the departures of Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC, the West Virginia Mountaineers may be looking for a new home. The SEC has come up as a potential destination. But Outkick The Coverage has a piece on why the WVU wouldn’t be a good fit for the SEC.

Chief among them is the fact that West Virginia is a small state with a population that isn’t increasing. WVU therefore wouldn’t help the SEC move into a new or expanding market. On top of that, the SEC isn’t desperate to add teams, and should be more attractive options, particularly from the Big 12, if the SEC does want to add. Also, West Virginia is on probation right now.

So … we’ll see. WVU to the SEC would be terrific for the Mountaineers, but it may be a reach. Either way, it’s crucial that WVU find a viable conference and not wind up in a revamped Big East that’s filled with leftovers, or something like that.

Via Mike Casazza on Twitter.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.