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With Pitt And Syracuse Headed To ACC, Will Big East And Big 12 Merge?

Now that Pitt and Syracuse are headed to the ACC, other schools have discussed potential moves as well. That could effectively kill the Big East and leave a handful of football-playing schools out in the cold. But another option is now being floated out there - could the remaining Big East schools merge to create a new conference with the remaining Big 12 schools should that conference implode? I think this is a strong possibility and one that makes the most sense for all involved.

Now, as I wrote over at Cardiac Hill, such a move would be determined largely on what Texas and Oklahoma do. If they stay in the Big 12, the merger isn't likely to happen. It would make more since for the Big 12 to try to add a few teams than it would for them to merge with a dying Big East. But if the Longhorns and Sooners bolt for the Pac 12 or some other conference, then it would make all the sense in the world.

Remaining teams most expected to be on the outside looking in include Iowa State, Baylor, Texas Tech, Cincinnati, and South Florida. TCU, somewhat of a wild card, should be in play as well as it would make sense for them to stay put as a Big East team. That only makes six teams, but the new conference could try to keep a few schools such as Louisville, Kansas, Kansas State, and Missouri from bolting. After that, by adding a few more teams from non AQ conferences (i.e. BYU, Houston, Tulsa, East Carolina, etc.), the new league could be underway.

Lots would need to be done for this to happen, but it could be a strong possibility.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.