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South Florida Vs. Pitt: Tino Sunseri Still The Panthers' Quarterback

The Pitt Panthers will stick with Tino Sunseri at quarterback on Thursday against South Florida, despite some lackluster performances so far. Here’s Pitt head coach Todd Graham:

[Trey Anderson] will play but our starting quarterback is Tino. We have to get some things corrected but he has the most experience. We have to put the person out there who gives us the best opportunity to win and that is Tino.

In Pitt’s first four games, Sunseri has 823 yards passing for 6.53 yards per attempt, to go along with four touchdowns and four interceptions. That’s not so hot, particularly given that two of those games were against Buffalo and Maine.

Anderson has only played a little, going 5-for-9 with 33 yards. He’s a freshman and isn’t nearly as familiar with Pitt’s system as Sunseri is. Graham is probably right to stick with Sunseri a while longer. The Panthers have a tough game coming up this week, and Sunseri isn’t so bad that it would be wise to turn the game into a giant quarterback experiment.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.