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NCAA Conference Realignment: Pac-12 Expansion Being Discussed

As the wheels of NCAA conference realignment continue to turn, it's beginning to look like the Pac-12 will expand long before the Big XII. If Pitt were to make a move to the Big XII, Texas and Oklahoma would likely have to stay put in that conference, and at the moment, it's looking like that's an uncertain proposition at best.

The concept of the Pac-16 is again being discussed by Pac-12 officials as well as officials at Oklahoma and Texas, a source close to the situation told ESPN's Joe Schad.

The source said the pair of Big 12 schools know the opportunity to join the Pac-12 is their decision. Oklahoma State and Texas Tech could also join the proposed Pac-16, according to the source.

In short, if something like this were to come to fruition, there would likely be no Big XII for Pitt to join. Rather, the Big East might look to absorb some teams left over by the collapse of the Big XII including Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri. Of course, we're still a long way off from that happening, but when Pac-12 expansion was being discussed last summer, the Big East scenario is one many found a possibility in the event of the Big XII going under. If we're picking where we left off there, expect this concept to get some play.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.