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NCAA Conference Realignment: Souces Say Texas Told To Slow Move Toward Pac-12 Expansion

Since Oklahoma president David Boren announced his school was considering options outside of the Big XII on Friday, feelings that the Pac-12 could be moving toward expansion once again have been gaining momentum. Chip Brown of, however, reports some might be trying to put the brakes on a move by Texas to the Pac-12.

Legislators and statewide office holders have swung into high-pressure mode to get Texas president Bill Powers and athletic director DeLoss Dodds to slow down any decision that might involve the Longhorns joining the Pac-12, multiple sources said Sunday.

With reports surfacing that Oklahoma is all but ready to commit to the Pac-12, Texas lawmakers are so concerned about the Longhorns possibly following suit that a full-court press is being made to slow things down by elected officials and corporate CEOs with influence, sources said.

This is a development Pitt fans might want to take note of. If the Texas legislature is going to make moves to keep the Big XII in place, that's a step toward the stability Pitt would need in considering a move to the Big XII. That's not to say the Big XII is exactly a good fit for Pitt. Geographically, it'd be an awful fit, and it would be a real pain for non-revenue sports to make regular trips to Texas and other southern states. That said, if the Big XII could offer substantially bigger revenue than the Big East and some long-term stability, Pitt brass might have to take a look.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.