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Rutgers Vs. Pitt: Panthers Hit Rock Bottom In Latest Loss

You may have thought Pitt’s basketball season was bad before, but the team sunk to new lows on Wednesday night, getting throttled at the Pete 62-39 (No, really – Pitt only scored 39 points).

Pitt arguably played its worst game in the history of the building and easily its worst game of the season while getting steamrolled by the Scarlet Knights.

Unless you watched the game, you’re not likely to know just how bad it was. Pitt was shooting somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 percent at the half and had a miniscule 19 points. The second half didn’t get much better, as you can tell by the final score. The disturbing thing about the blowout loss is that Rutgers didn’t play particularly well on offense, either. The Scarlet Knights were held to only 40 percent shooting from the field, but still managed to win this game comfortably.

For the Panthers, this was an epic fail on every single level. The team was outrebounded by 20 and had 16 turnovers as well. Without exaggerating, this is the type of game you tell your children and grandchildren about … and not in a good way.

I’m not sure what the record for a field goal percentage low is for Pitt, but I’m nearly positive that the 21 percent they shot on Wednesday was the worst performance in the Petersen Events Center and was clearly one of the worst in recent memory.

As I mentioned in the preview, Pitt is really in far worse shape right now than it even appears. The team’s schedule is about to get ratcheted up and with several ranked teams still around, it’s nearly impossible to see how this team makes the NCAA’s.

Or even the NIT.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.