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Pitt Vs. SMU - 2012 Compass Bowl: Lucas Nix Will Play, Not Suspended

After getting into a recent dispute, Pitt offensive lineman Lucas Nix found out he will indeed get to play in his final collegiate game.

Nix got into a fight over Christmas break and his status for the bowl game was in question. But head coach Keith Patterson has decided to let him play:

“We were just made aware of the situation last night, Lucas was made aware of the situation last night via mail,” Patterson said today. "It was a difficult situation to evaluate based on the late notice based on the information we had been given. But we’ve done a thorough investigation based on the information we have at hand.

“But I visited with Lucas this morning, I had a great conversation with him and based on that information, I feel like he deserves the opportunity to finish and play his final college football game.

“He received the information through the mail, so again, there was no arrest and I’m trying to make the best decision based on the information I have.”

The key appears to be that he was not arrested, only later charged. That’s not to dismiss what he did, but Patterson probably made the right decision. He had a limited time to act and it doesn’t make sense to punish Nix, who’s a senior and didn’t get into any real trouble.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.