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Former Pitt Coach Michael Haywood Has Charges Dropped

The Michael Haywood saga is approaching some means of closure as he recently had his assault charges dropped. The charges were dropped due to pretrial conditions (counseling and community service) that Haywood met


While his legal issues may be behind him, Haywood and Pitt still have problems of their own as the two sides are haggling over money owed. The university reportedly filed a countersuit against Haywood and when all of that plays out is anybody's guess.


Regardless of how everything turns out, Haywood is young enough that he'll likely get another shot at coaching at some point. Now that the charges have been dropped, he might again surface as a candidate for other jobs. Haywood may need to start over and begin as a position coach, but the fact that he's had several jobs before means that he has some connections and I'd guess he'd be able to find something.


For more on the Haywood situation and Pitt football, check out SB Nation's blog, Cardiac Hill.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.