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Pittsburgh, Syracuse Likely To Join ACC In 2013

The West Virginia Mountaineers are on their way to the Big 12 after negotiating an early buyout that will allow them to play in their new conference next season. Syracuse and Pitt are on their way out as well, but according to BrettMcMurphy of CBS Sports, they will not try to join their new conference in time to play the 2012 football season. But the 2013 season is a much greater possibility.

Sources told that Pittsburgh and Syracuse won’t try to leave this summer, but will attempt to negotiate deals to allow them to join the ACC a year early in 2013. Unlike West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Syracuse have not pursued any legal action to get out of the Big East’s 27-month exit requirement and leave before 2014.

By waiting an additional year Pitt and Syracuse will probably save some money on the negotiated buyout. West Virginia had to pay $20 million to get into the Big 12 new year. We can expect the price for Pitt to be less than that, but we won't know exactly what it will be until the negotiations take place after next season.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.