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West Virginia AD Oliver Luck Talks About Move to Big 12

In a recent interview with Atlanta radio station 790 The Zone, West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck talked about the immediate aftermath of the end of the Mountaineers' time in the Big East. He brings up an interesting point that I'm not sure has been discussed about the Big East's sudden infatuation of adding teams from the West Coast.

Considering the alternative, quite honestly, if we remained where we were, we would've been more than likely in a western division. As you guys know, what the Big East has done, adding San Diego State and Boise and Houston and SMU, Memphis. We would be traveling even further.

Considering the Big East's decision to add so many schools from the West Coast, a move to the Big 12 makes a more sense. While the travel will still be an issue for West Virginia, the travel won't be nearly as intensive if they had to travel to two or three different time zones every week. While being in the Big 12, they only have to adjust to playing in one different time zone.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.