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2012 CBI Tournament Reactions: Pitt Gets Some Playing Time For Young Players

The Pittsburgh Panthers missed out on both the 2012 NCAA Tournament and the 2012 NIT Tournament, but they did accept an invite to the 2012 CBI Tournament. Pitt will take on Wofford in the first round of the CBI Tournament, but Pitt fans don't seem to like the idea of continuing on a disappointing season. The folks over at Cardiac Hill are none to pleased with the idea of playing in the CBI.

Why? I get the idea of getting the younger guys some more playing time and practice. I don't want to come off as high and mighty, but why continue a completely disappointing and miserable season by playing teams like North Dakota State or Evansville? Personally, I would just end the season, accept the fact that Pitt was bad and really doesn't deserve a postseason bid, and look towards next season. Especially since Pitt is paying $60,000 to host a game.

The only real benefit to playing in the tournament is that it adds more practice and playing time for young players, but it also carries the risk of paying to play a game you could lose, adding further embarrassment to a poor season.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.