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Big East Tournament 2012: Pitt Players Comment On Exit To Georgetown

After Pitt’s loss to Georgetown in the Big East Tournament on Wednesday, a few players spoke up, clearly disappointed. Starting small forward Lamar Patterson didn’t think the Panthers came to play:

“We played like a bunch of little boys out there,” he said.

“They beat us double-figures on the rebounds,” he said, “and that’s something we’ve never, ever, ever accept on this team.”

With the loss, Pitt’s chances of reaching the NCAAs disappeared. Senior guard Ashton Gibbs talked not only about the game, but the season, taking blame for the down year:

“I did a bad job of leading this year,” he said, “and it clearly showed.”

“I had high expectations of the team and high expectations of myself as well,” he said, “and it’s something I didn’t live up to as a senior leader.”

Gibbs certainly had a down season. But while he deserves some of the blame, as I wrote over at Cardiac Hill, others are responsible, too. All in all, a disappointing end to a disappointing season.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.