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Trey Zeigler Receives Special Waiver To Play For Pitt In 2012-13

Pitt's 2012-13 basketball team got a big boost with the recent news that transfer Trey Zeigler has received a special waiver to play for the team this season.


After his father, Ernie Zeigler, the head coach of Central Michigan's basketball team, was fired this season, Trey decided to transfer to Pitt. Under normal transfer rules, Zeigler would have had to sit out the season. But the NCAA noted the special circumstances of the situation and allowed Zeigler to become eligible to play immediately.


It's difficult to argue that the NCAA made the right decision in this case since wanting to play for his father at Central Michigan was a big part of Zeigler going there, despite the fact that he had offers from more notable schools.


He will now make Pitt a much deeper team this season and is expected to join senior guard, Tray Woodall, in the backcourt. Zeigler's scoring should immediately help Pitt, which had a difficult time putting points on the board consistent last year.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.