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2012 NBA Draft Update: Kevin Jones' First-Round Guarantee Falls By Wayside

Kevin Jones' agent said he had a guarantee from a team that promised to select his client if he slid to them in the first round of the NBA Draft. That vow apparently wasn't all that serious as Jones was not picked and remains on the board in the second round.

That shouldn't be a huge surprise as those types of guarantees have come and gone before. Still, for Jones, the situation has to be at least somewhat disappointing as he surely was hoping he could move into the first round where the money is better.

Jones remains the local player with the best chance of being selected. He was the best player in the Big East last season and is a versatile forward that should draw the interest of somebody.

For more on the NBA Draft, Jones, and the other local players hoping to be selected, check back with this Storystream through the second round.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.