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Gardner-Webb Vs. Pitt 2012: Cardiac Hill Reacts

The Pitt Panthers clobbered the Runnin' Bulldogs of Gardner-Webb by a score of 55-10 on Saturday. This was a victory that Cardiac Hill, SB Nation's Panthers community, says was not entirely expected.

Certainly, Pitt fans expected to beat Gardner-Webb, a team which is now 0-4 on the season. But to win by a 45-point margin was a bit surprising to many considering Pittsburgh's recent history.

"I've got to admit, while I expected them to win, 55-10 isn't what I had in mind. I figured the Panthers would win by two, maybe three touchdowns, but to go all 49ers-Bengals on us? Man.

Pitt hasn't scored that many points in more than a decade."

Pittsburgh fans are also, as expected, still reeling from an opening-week loss to FCS squad Youngstown State at home. But yesterday's offensive performance has given fans cause for optimism heading into conference play.

Suddenly, games against teams like Temple, Syracuse, UConn, and even South Florida, look more winnable ... [T]he Panthers are getting better, not worse.

For more on Pitt football, check out SB Nation blog Cardiac Hill.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.