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Sidney Crosby Reportedly Cleared For Contact; Return To Game Action Likely Imminent

There have been rumors for months, but now we finally have some solid evidence that Sidney Crosby’s return to game action is finally imminent. The Penguins themselves report that Crosby is wearing a black helmet – the one that typically means “it’s okay to hit this guy” – in practice on Thursday.

#Pens captain Sidney Crosby is wearing a black helmet like everyone else at practice. We’ll get an update from coach Bylsma after practice.

Pierre LeBrun, meanwhile, writes that Crosby has, in fact, been cleared for contact in practice.

Confirming the obvious: Penguins confirm that Crosby has been cleared for contact, but still no timetable for his return. This is next step

The part about there being no timetable for Crosby’s return is probably the key right now. There’s some speculation going around Thursday morning that Crosby could play Thursday night against the Capitals, which I highly doubt. He’ll probably need a few more practices before he gets back into game action. Nonetheless, this is amazing news for Penguins fans, as it suggests that the best player in the NHL will finally be returning, and very, very soon.

Stay tuned to this storystream for more updates on Crosby’s status. Also, check out PensBurgh.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.