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Video: Arron Asham Fights Jay Beagle

I'm no fan of the culture of fighting in hockey, but Thursday night's fight between Arron Asham and Jay Beagle goes well beyond your typical, boring hockey beatdown and into the realm of the grotesque. The Capitals' Jay Beagle hits Kris Letang, and then the Penguins' Arron Asham comes after Beagle. Beagle gets a couple shots in, and then Asham floors him with a couple of blows. Beagle gets up wobbling, and bleeding profusely from his mouth, and then he appears to take his out his own tooth. Asham, meanwhile, cheers Beagle from the penalty box for being able to get up.

Have fun at the dentist, Mr. Beagle, and don't mess with Asham again. 

I wish this weren't real life. There's a horror-film aspect to all of this that really should exist purely in the realm of fantasy.

Check out the video after the jump. For more on the Penguins, check out PensBurgh.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.