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Sidney Crosby Not Subject To Seven-Day Rule; Penguins Considered Keeping Joe Morrow

Rob Rossi has a few more notes on the Penguins’ moves to set their roster Monday.

First, Sidney Crosby has been placed on injured reserve, but the seven-day rule that typically applies to players on injured reserve does not apply to Crosby, since he was also on injured reserve last season. This doesn’t really matter much, of course; Crosby wasn’t going to play in the first week of the season, either way.

Also, the Penguins did consider keeping Joe Morrow on the roster, but they would not have kept him for more than nine games.

Morrow, if nothing else, jumped to head of the class regarding the organization’s top prospects. He is now ahead of D Simon Despres, though the Penguins still see Despres as a likely impact player in the NHL. They see both Morrow and Despres as impact players, actually – and pending their respective developments this season, that could make next summer interesting, but that discussion is a long way off.

It’s looking like the Penguins’ choice of Morrow in the first round of the draft may end up paying off, and earlier than expected.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.