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NHL Realignment Puts Penguins In Conference With Flyers, Capitals

We’ve already read that the NHL had approved a realignment plan that would create four conferences. One worry the Pens and their fans had was losing their rivalry with the Philadelphia Flyers. Well, worry no more. Dejan Kovacevic tweets about the Pens’ new conference, and it’s a huge win for the Penguins.

#Pens in division w/ Flyers, Rangers, Islanders, Capitals, Devils, Hurricanes.

Previous realignment plans had had the Pens moving to a division with the Bruins, Sabres and a bunch of Canadian teams. This division is much, much better for Pittsburgh, as it allows them to continue their rivalries with all their current Atlantic Division foes, including the Flyers, their cross-state rivals. Also, it places the Pens in a division with the Capitals, with whom they should also develop a nice rivalry. We’ll see how things shake out for the rest of the conferences – the new realignment might not be nearly as convenient for Canadian and southeastern teams. But it looks great for the Penguins.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.