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Pittsburgh-Area High School Students Pay Tribute To Penguins (Video)

If Pittsburgh-area Plum High School isn't on some kind of mission to prove it's the coolest and spirit-iest high school on the planet, well, it's got me fooled. Its latest pro-Penguins video, just in time for the playoffs, is a ridiculously intricate affair that involves Penguins mascot Pensburgh, the school swimming pool, tons of Pens paraphernalia, and fake fans of non-Penguins teams getting their butts fake-kicked. And, uh, a guy in a Flyers shirt crawling out of a garbage can.



I really hope some of these kids go into TV. By the way, you may remember the Pens tribute Plum made last year, which garnered a quarter of a million YouTube views. This year's video is better, though. The opening aquarium-style scene is awesome. Congrats to these kids for raising the bar, and here's hoping some of the Pens see this before the start of their first-round playoff series against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.