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Penguins Reportedly One Of Three Teams In Jaromir Jagr Sweepstakes

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun has been all over Jaromir Jagr’s possible return to the NHL from the start, and today he’s reporting that the Penguins are one of three teams in the mix for the Czech winger, echoing much of what Charlie posted earlier.

Svoboda said Jagr would sign a one-year deal with one of those three NHL teams. He also said a decision should be made within the next few days, perhaps as early as Tuesday. Jagr met all day with Svoboda on Monday and the two were slated to meet again later Tuesday.

The news comes via Jagr’s agent, Petr Svoboda, who claims that the Detroit Red Wings and a “mystery team” are the other hopefuls.

LeBrun further reported on Twitter this morning:

@Real_ESPNLeBrun Am told Pittsburgh is interested in Jagr only if it’s a very low price… My guess that means $1 million or less…

@Real_ESPNLeBrun Wings have offered more money than Penguins at this point. That can change in one phone call from Mario. But that’s where it stands now.

Though the Pittsburgh rumors have sent longtime fans (like myself) into a tizzy, Detroit would appear to be the front runner on this. They have publicly acknowledged their interest in Jagr, had their head coach, Mike Babcock, speak with him personally, and, reportedly, offered more money than the Penguins. Still, there’s a chance..

If Svoboda is being sincere, we’ll know the answer soon enough … possibly as soon as today.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.