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Jaromir Jagr Apparently Considering Multiple Teams, Not Just Penguins

After hour after hour of JagrWatching on Wednesday, it became clear Thursday night that not only was Jaromir Jagr not through being the belle of the ball, but he wasn't even sure the Penguins were his date.

By midweek it looked clear that, whatever the holdups might be, Jagr would eventually sign with the Pens. The Pens had offered him a deal to finish his career in the town where he had made his name, and although there had been rumblings about the Red Wings and Canadiens before, they had long before faded into the background. All that remained was for Jagr to fly across the ocean, take a couple hours to make sure he knew what he wanted, and strike a deal.

Well, not so fast. Now it looks like Jagr has many more teams in his sights than we realized. In fact, the latest team to be connected to Jagr is the Penguins' divisional rival Philadelphia Flyers.

Given all the hype that surrounded the possibility of his return, the pain that a lot of Pens fans would feel if the Flyers signed Jagr would truly be something to behold, as would the decibel level of the boos Jagr would receive every time he stepped onto the ice at Consol Energy Center.

Come on, Jaromir. Don't mess this up. The Penguins and their fans are giving you a chance to end your career in just about the best way possible. Take it.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.