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Jaromir Jagr Signs With The Flyers... Wait, The Flyers?!?

The Philadelphia Flyers’ official Twitter is reporting that they’ve signed Jaromir Jagr.

Per #Flyers GM Paul Holmgren: The Philadelphia Flyers have agreed to a contract with free agent RW Jaromir Jagr.

Terms have not yet been released, but Darren Dreger is reporting that he signed a 1-year deal for $3.3 million.

I’m trying to think of some type of analysis to add to this, but the Penguins fan in me is shocked beyond belief.

The only thought that keeps going through my mind is, “Does he realize what he’s just done?” Will he make more money in Philadelphia this year than he could have in Pittsburgh or Detroit? Perhaps. Maybe, he’ll even be on a team that fits him better.

But his legacy will be forever tarnished, even amongst die-hard, long-time Jagr supporters, a group that Jimmy and I belong to.

It’s incredibly hard to put this whole thing into words. I’ve built up a fair wall between myself and emotions watching hockey. At least, gut-emotions. I enjoy watching the games, I still support the Penguins and I try to work irrational thoughts out of my mind.

But Jaromir Jagr, after a very public flirtation, spurns the Penguins to go to their most hated of rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers.

Words do no justice.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.