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Jaromir Jagr: 'I Didn't Feel Like I Did Anything Wrong'

Rob Rossi recaps a recent conference call by Jaromir Jagr, who explained his decision not to sign with the Pittsburgh Penguins and to sign with their rival Philadelphia Flyers instead:

“I didn’t promise anybody anything,” Jagr said in a conference call Saturday. “If the Penguins feel like I did something wrong, you know, I didn’t feel like I did anything wrong. If they feel like that, I can’t change their minds.”

Jagr sounds philosophical and stoic about his decision. I suppose he didn’t do anything wrong; but it sounds, to this outsider, like a major error in judgment that hurt a lot of people. Also, it stings for Pens fans when Jagr’s agent tells the press that “his heart is in Pittsburgh,” only to dump the Pens when their divisional rival offers a little more money. (And yes, Jagr denies that this signing was about the money, but come on.)

Oh well. Life goes on, and we’ll see Jagr in December.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.