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Sidney Crosby Press Conference Live Video: Crosby Optimistic, But Admits 'Slight' Possibility That Career Could Be Over

As of 12:45 PM on Wednesday, Sidney Crosby is in the middle of his press conference, which you can watch live here.

Crosby has said that he is not considering retiring, fortunately. But it sounds like the concussion is still bothering him. His doctors say he "has work to do" before returning to the ice. It still is not clear when he will come back.

One of his doctors just called him "the Ferrari of hockey players." They want to make sure he is "100 percent" when he returns. Crosby says that "90 percent isn't good enough" and that he will not "roll the dice" by returning before he's completely ready. He shouldn't have long-term issues, his doctors say, but he still isn't quite ready to come back.

One of his doctors says Crosby has been an exemplary patient.

Crosby says the possibility that he will never again play pro hockey is "a pretty slight one." He says he's not worried about it, however.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.