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Sidney Crosby Press Conference: Crosby Says It Is 'Likely' He Will Play This Season

More details from the Sidney Crosby press conference, where it became clear that it’s not yet certain when Crosby will be able to come back from his concussion symptoms.

Crosby says he agrees that NHL players should be more “responsible” in avoiding dangerous head shots.

Crosby also smiled at a question about whether he would more “likely” or “unlikely” to play this season, then said it would be more likely than not that he would play.

It sounds like there are many uncertainties here, and no one can really say what’s going to happen, except that Crosby will not play until he’s 100 percent, as opposed to playing at 90 percent or less. There’s even a chance his career could be over, but it’s far more likely that he will play in 2011-12, although it’s unclear when that will be.

Here is live video of the press conference.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.