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Sidney Crosby Can Now Work On His Neck, Get Healthy

Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby has been dealing with concussion symptoms for well over a year and there were fears that he also had a neck and spinal injury. After getting multiple opinions from other doctors, it has now been determined that he has a neck issue to go along with his concussion symptoms, but it is something that can be treated. "As of right now from consulting with different doctors, it's hard to pinpoint when it happened," Crosby said when asked when the injury occurred.

A lot of the questions from the media were concerning the Penguins medical staff and if Crosby was dissatisfied with his treatment. "No, I think the team has been very encouraging," Crosby said. "There's not a lot of answers with this kind of stuff. The more information you can gather the better and that's what they (Penguins) encourage." He was also asked if the whole situation made it difficult as far as who to trust now medically, "That's always the case." Crosby added, "That's something that I've learned through this process. That's not because any other reason than people want to help and they're giving their opinion to help and you have to take that information and put it all together."

Crosby was asked if the news about his injury was encouraging, "Yeah, I think the biggest thing to take from it is it's something I can work on." Crosby continued, "I can come in and get my neck worked on. It's a pretty big possibility that was causing some of the issues. I hope with some treatment it can Improve. Instead of sitting around at home and hoping to get better, it's nice to know you can come in and work on it."

"From what I've been told it's been something pretty commonly linked with concussions," Crosby said of his neck issues. "In a way, that's encouraging because there's no magic to get rid of it." Crosby has been able to get on the ice and get back to skating, though. "It's been pretty good," Crosby said about getting back on the ice. "Like i said I'm still dealing with some symptoms, but I feel much better than I did a couple weeks ago skating. The motion stuff is still there, but it's still not where I want to be."

Penguins general manager Ray Shero shot down a question about Crosby's career being in jeopardy, "There's never been an indication from any doctor to shut down for season or retire. We're trying get him on ice safely." Shero added, "He will not return to play until those symptoms disappear."

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.