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NHL lockout: Sidney Crosby doesn't 'have much else going on'

Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby is finding himself with little to do thanks to the NHL lockout taking away his main source of joy this autumn.

While the players and owners are locked in a vicious game of tug-of-war, Crosby remains on the outside, waiting for hockey to resume instead of seeking it out overseas.

When Josh Yohe asked Crosby whether his routine of working out at Southpointe would be the same next week, he got the following answer:

"Yeah," he said, "I don't really have much else going on right now."

Yes, Crosby is bored. Incredibly bored. He's an intelligent kid and has other interests, but his whole life is a giant ice rink. Imagine being the very best at what you do, but being unable to perform. Crosby is more disgusted with this situation than most people realize. He just wants to play.

The labor situation remains murky, with the two sides scheduled to talk more this week.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.