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NHL lockout: Owners, players to discuss 'core economic issues' Tuesday

The NHL and the players will resume talks Tuesday in Toronto to discuss a new collective bargaining agreement and the division of revenue between the two parties, according to Rob Rossi of

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly hopes the two sides can establish common ground on this issue and, from this point, "move forward." Daly, along with commissioner Gary Bettman, will represent the NHL in Tuesday's talks.

The players made 57 percent of league revenue under the old collective bargaining agreement, and the owners now want to shift that number more in their favor. Several other issues must also be resolved before a new collective bargaining agreement can go into effect, but the splitting of revenue remains the primary point of contention.

According to Rossi, if no progress is made in Tuesday's talks, the NHL is expected to cancel more regular-season games by Thursday. A number of games have already been canceled.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.