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NHL lockout costs city of Pittsburgh $2.2 million per game, according to report

The NHL lockout is costing the city of Pittsburgh an estimated $2.2 million per home game, according to a report published by the Pittsburgh Business Times on Friday.

That amount is based on lost revenue from businesses such as hotels, restaurants and other establishments that benefit from Pittsburgh Penguins games. However, that total does not include the estimated $15.2 million that was lost from the four preseason games that were canceled earlier this year.

As of this time, the NHL and NHL Players Association still remain at odds over key issues in collective bargaining negotiations. In fact, the league formally announced on Friday that all games through Nov. 30 have been cancelled. This means that it is unlikely that the league will be able to play 82 games this season.

There have been no announcements regarding future negotiations and reports have already surfaced that more cancelations could come as early as next week. It is believed that the Winter Classic is going to be the next casuality of the lockout.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.