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Sidney Crosby wonders how NHL lockout reached this point

Pittsburgh Penguins' center Sidney Crosby is astonished by the lack of progress in the NHL negotiations.

Christian Petersen

As the NHL lockout continues, one of its biggest stars grows more frustrated. Pittsburgh Penguins' center Sidney Crosby is ashamed of the whole situation. "I shake my head and wonder why we‘re even at this point," Crosby said on Tuesday following a workout.

As the lockout drags on, it seems like the NHL and the players association get further and further apart, having now gone two weeks without negotiating with each other. Crosby doesn't understand the lack of talk between the two sides, saying, "For some reason, even if there‘s no way we can make a deal at the moment, we should still be talking every day."

The NHL Players Association will decide on Thursday if they will disband the union. It requires a two-thirds majority among the players to pass.

Crosby has not left to play in Europe yet, but he has said that he will make that decision in early January if the lockout is still going on.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.