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Pirates Lead Baseball In Toilets Per Capita

Yes, really - somebody published an article about this. Of all the teams that were willing to release restroom data (a little less than half of them), the Pirates' stadium has the most toilets per person, with 1.89 per 100 seats. Depending on your perspective, this is either more proof that PNC Park is the best stadium in the world, or an awesome excuse to make jokes about what, exactly, those toilets are for. Potential nausea outbreaks after Andy LaRoche at bats? Deposit spots for worthless Zach Duke bobbleheads?


Ok, ok. This isn't all that funny. Besides, PNC's toilet ranking might not even be the best if all teams had released their data - the list of teams who didn't include several with modern ballparks that do just fine in terms of their number of restrooms (just to name some I've been to, the Padres, Phillies, Angels, Orioles and Brewers all have plenty).

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.