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Pirates Deny Andy Van Slyke Is A Candidate

Pirates president Frank Coonelly, in a chat at, denies that Andy Van Slyke is a candidate for the Pirates’ vacant manager position:

kristyr: There are rumors that Andy Van Slyke was interviewed for the managerial job. Can you confirm or deny this? And besides Eric Wedge, can you discuss any other potential candidates?

Coonelly: kristyr, I am not sure how that rumor started, but it is not true. To date, the only candidate that we have interviewed has been Eric Wedge. We will announce to our fans each candidate that we interview at the completion of that interview. Out of respect for the process, we will not be commenting further on the substance of individual interviews until a manager is selected.

It sounds like the Pirates must have been talking to Van Slyke on an informal basis. Coonelly also makes it sound like it is a very strong possibility that some of last year’s coaches will be retained, even though the Pirates allowed them to seek other jobs while they hunt for a manager. He also says the Pirates have the “capacity” to substantially raise payroll next year, but it doesn’t sound like they will actually do so unless they find a deal they really like.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.