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Pirates Manager Search: Extra, Extra! Something Might, Or Might Not, Be Going On Regarding Clint Hurdle

Your daily dose of whatever-that-means regarding the Pirates’ manager search comes from FOX’s Ken Rosenthal, who writes that the Pirates are making a “push” to get Rangers hitting coach Clint Hurdle to accept the Pirates’ manager job. Unfortunately, we don’t learn exactly what that “push” entails, or how this “push” changes what we already could pretty much guess, which is that the Pirates want Hurdle to be their manager and are waiting on him to sort out his candidacy with the Mets.

The Pirates, sources said, have made a strong push within the past 48 hours to ensure that Hurdle will be their next manager.

“It’s moving forward at a rapid pace,” one source said.

That could mean anything. I don’t mean to accuse Rosenthal of anything, because he’s generally pretty good as his job, and it’s certainly possible that there genuinely is something going on and he doesn’t know all the details. But this could work out beautifully for him – if Hurdle does indeed sign up with the Pirates, Rosenthal is the guy who got there first, and if Hurdle gets the Mets job, hey, no harm no foul – the Pirates’ “push” just failed, that’s all!

Maybe I’m just getting cynical, but as one message-board poster just pointed out, it seems like the bar for what passes as “news” is getting lower and lower.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.