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2011 World Series Odds Released; Pirates' Chances Bleakest Of Any Team

Before the champagne even dried on the visitors' locker room floor in Texas, released its 2011 World Series odds. Guess which of the 30 major league team has the longest odds? SB Nation Pittsburgh does not endorse gambling, and we especially do not endorse betting on the Pirates - it defies common sense, and it's demonstrably unprofitable. Bodog gives the Pirates 150:1 odds to win it all next year, which seems downright charitable to them. The Bucs are developing the core of a talented team, but it will be another couple years before that core can start carrying them.


The Yankees have the best odds, at 4:1; the 2010 champion San Francisco Giants are at 10:1.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.