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Brewers Fans Interested In Signing Zach Duke

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The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel points out that some Brewers bloggers want their team to sign former Pirates pitcher Zach Duke to a minor-league deal, and suggests that would actually be a bad idea. This is a little surprising to me because, although Duke's surface numbers last year were very bad, he's still only 27, is still left-handed and has had some big success. And (for the millionth time), a lot of his struggles in 2010 had to do with a wretched defense. He clearly deserves a major-league deal, and I'm pretty sure he'll get one. And unfortunately for the Brewers, Milwaukee's defense was bad too, or at least mediocre, so Wisconsin doesn't seem like a great definition for him (although he'd clearly be a smart pickup on a minor-league deal even there). Duke needs to find a team with a good defense, especially in the infield, where he can count on his teammates gobbling up the many groundballs he allows.

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