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Pirates Manager Search: Clint Hurdle Waiting To Hear About Mets Job

Pirates managerial candidate Clint Hurdle is apparently waiting to hear whether he’s a candidate with the New York Mets before deciding whether to accept any job offer from the Pirates:

The Post, citing anonymous sources, said new Mets general manager Sandy Alderson started his manager search inside the organization and, as of yet, had not contacted outside candidates. Hurdle, the report said, would like to know whether he is a candidate for the Mets’ job before he makes a decision regarding the Pirates’ job, if the Pirates offer it to him. The Pirates interviewed Hurdle Thursday.

Who knows if the Post’s sources are accurate, but if they are, it sounds like Jeff Banister could be the Pirates’ next manager - although, since Banister isn't a candidate anywhere else, the Bucs can afford to wait for Hurdle if they so choose. I think I prefer Banister anyway; he has less experience, but Hurdle best quality as a manager is his loyalty, which doesn't obviously make him better than departed manager John Russell.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.