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Pirates Switch Radio Broadcasts To 93.7 The Fan

The Pirates have announced that they'll be moving their radio broadcasts from 104.7 FM to 93.7 The Fan, beginning next season.


104.7 was a political talk station, and it was really jarring to be listening to the post-game show, have it end, and suddenly be listening to political commentary. 93.7 is a sports talk station.


That said, this change worries me a bit. We'll have to see what happens with David Todd, an occasional SB Nation Pittsburgh contributor and frequent Bucs Dugout contributor who did a great job on the post-game shows on 104.7 this year. (Full disclosure: I run Bucs Dugout.) Ideally, 93.7 would hire him, since he can certainly do that job better than anyone who currently works at 93.7. The Pirates coverage there this year was uneven. Even when the Pirates were being discussed well (Chris Mueller's late-night show occasionally featured rants that were both memorable and on-target), the team was rarely discussed with the attention to detail that Todd provided. We'll see what happens.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.