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MLB CBA: Draft Values For Top 10 Picks

Jonathan Mayo lists the draft values for each of the top 10 picks in the MLB draft, according to baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement.

1 — $7.2 million
2 — $6.2 million
3 — $5.2 million
4 — $4.2
5 — $3.5
6 — $3.25
7 — $3
8 — $2.9
9 — $2.8
10 — $2.7

Teams will still be able to spend more than this on their first-round picks if they want, but these recommendations will add into an overall pool that effectively sets the limits for each team.

The Houston Astros have the first overall pick, and we know their draft pool is going to be $11.5 million. The Pirates pick eighth, and their recommendation for their first-round pick is $4.3 million less than the Astros, so their draft pool is going to be about $7.2 million. That’s a reasonably healthy number, but it’s a lot less than they spent in any of the past four years.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.