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Nick Evans Reportedly Signs With Pirates; What Will His Role Be?

The Pirates have reportedly signed first baseman / outfielder Nick Evans, formerly of the Mets. It's a minor-league deal.


Evans isn't old (he'll play next season at 26) and has shown a little hitting ability in the minors. He probably isn't good enough to be a big-league starter and doesn't have good power for a first baseman, but he's right-handed and has shown the ability to hit lefties, so the Pirates might be thinking of using him in a platoon with Garrett Jones at first base if they are unable to sign a higher-profile first baseman, like Derrek Lee or Carlos Pena.


Of course, the Pirates already had a player who could fill that role in Matt Hague, and in fact, Evans and Hague are very similar, at least statistically. As long as Evans isn't getting much money, though - and I doubt he is - there's no downside to having two players like that and hoping one takes off. Evans has really struggled in Citi Field, so while PNC isn't exactly heaven for right-handed batters either, maybe he has some tiny chance of breaking out there.


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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.