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MLB Rumors: Ronny Cedeno, Braves A Potential Match

The Atlanta Braves could pursue former Pirates shortstop Ronny Cedeno. The Pirates had a cheap option on Cedeno's services for 2012, but they rejected it and signed Clint Barmes instead.


Cedeno would be a good match for the Braves' situation. When your boneheaded mental errors induce even the Pirates to drop you, it's unlikely that any other team will be in any rush to make you a starter. However, Cedeno is young enough, and good enough defensively, that he has more value than the typical infield backup. He would come in handy in Atlanta, where the Braves appear to be turning to rookie Tyler Pastornicky to be their starting shortstop. Pastornicky isn't bad, but he isn't a top prospect either. If Cedeno signs with the Braves and Pastornicky flames out, Cedeno could see a ton of playing time, and in that situation, the Braves could do a lot worse.


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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.