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Pirates' Ross Ohlendorf Wins At Arbitration Hearing

The Pirates' Ross Ohlendorf won his arbitration season, meaning he now has two wins in the past 16 months. But seriously: Ohlendorf will receive a salary of $2.025 million next year. The arbitrator deserves credit for being able to look past Ohlendorf's 1-11 record last year, which really is completely irrelevant in determining his value. Ohlendorf is modestly productive when healthy, and it isn't his fault the Pirates were a horrible team.


From the Pirates' perspective, the problem with him winning the hearing is that he'll be eligible for arbitration in the next three seasons, and almost every time a player goes to arbitration, he receives a raise over the previous year. So his salary will grow at a much faster rate now than it would have if the Pirates had won the case, setting Ohlendorf's salary at $1.4 million. This means the Pirates might have to make tougher decisions in the next few years about whether to keep Ohlendorf around, particularly if he doesn't improve.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.