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Kevin Correia Leading League In Wins

Prepare to hear a lot about Kevin Correia in the next couple of days, since he's leading the National League in wins, with seven. Then, prepare to dismiss a lot of what you hear. Wins are a silly statistic, and no one should pay attention to them - and that's doubly true in the case of the Pirates, who for the most part lack the offense to support their starting pitching. The writers who laughed at the Bucs for taking 1-11 pitcher Ross Ohlendorf to arbitation last offseason were making fools of themselves, and it would be equally foolish to gloat about Correia just because he's leading the league in wins right now.


Correia is currently striking out fewer than four batters per nine innings, which could mean the road ahead will be bumpy. He is also, however, doing a great job preventing walks. With so few strikeouts and so few walks, he looks likely to do well enough to keep his rotation spot through the duration of his two-year deal, but he'll be subject to weird fluctuations in results when a bunch of bloop hits start falling in, or the Pirates' defense has a bad day.


Still, he has pitched well, better than I thought he would when the Bucs signed him. Correia hasn't been nearly as good as his win total suggests, but he's functional, and for $4 million a year, that's worth celebrating, too.


Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.