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2011 MLB Draft: Danny Hultzen The Allegedly 'Safe' Choice For Pirates

Bucs Dugout user Lino Donoso has a good writeup on Virginia pitcher Danny Hultzen, who could be the Pirates’ pick with the No. 1 overall selection in the 2011 MLB Draft. Hultzen pitched on Sunday against Florida State, and the radar gun had him working his fastball in the high 80s. Hultzen is seen as very polished and likely to reach the major leagues quickly, but I’m not sure I want the Pirates using the first overall pick on a college lefty who doesn’t have outstanding velocity.

The reason Hultzen is in consideration in the first place is that two higher-upside picks, Anthony Rendon and Gerrit Cole, have struggled to maintain their draft status this year. While Hultzen appears to be a surer bet than Cole is, it’s worth pointing out that no pitcher is a sure bet – even Stephen Strasburg, who was miles better than either Cole or Hultzen, went down Tommy John surgery last year. And the Pirates should use the first overall pick on someone with tons of upside. Hultzen might someday become a very good major-league starter, but it’s hard to see him being dominating.

Here's a more positive report on Hultzen from Scouting The Sally.

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