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2011 MLB Draft Prospects: Dylan Bundy Leads High School Pitching Class

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The Arizona Republic has a nice feature on top 2011 MLB Draft prospect Dylan Bundy. Bundy would be somewhat of a surprise pick for the Pirates with the No. 1 overall pick, as Rice third baseman Anthony Rendon, UCLA pitcher Gerrit Cole and Virginia pitcher Danny Hultzen all look more likely. But Bundy is the top high school pitcher in the draft, and it seems unlikely that he’ll last past the first four picks.

“I saw Bundy throw,” said a scout with an American League team, “and it was the best-pitched high school game I’ve seen in my 20 years of scouting.”

“The day I saw Bundy,” said an NL scout, “I could tell you it was the best I’ve seen a high school pitcher.”

I don’t think anyone doubts Bundy’s talent. He throws in the high 90s and has very good control. The problem, as always, is that with the first 10 or so picks in the draft, the type of player – whether he’s a hitter or pitcher, whether he’s a high schooler or a college player – is nearly as important as a player’s actual talents. I wouldn’t want the Pirates taking a high school pitcher with the first pick. They flame out too frequently, even when they’re as mature and as talented as Bundy is.

I’m projecting, by the way, that Bundy will go to the Orioles with the fourth overall pick – the Pirates will take Rendon, the Mariners will take Cole, and at No. 3, the Diamondbacks will take Hultzen.

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