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MLB Power Rankings: Rob Thomas Ruins Pirates' Draft Names

As usual, this week's SB Nation MLB power rankings are awesome. This one ranks teams based on the best names from among its draft picks over the years. Here are the best of the Pirates:


Pittsburgh Pirates - 49 total points



Character in a '50s WesternFantasy Novel CharacterActor/Actress in Adult Film
Jeff Necessary
SS - 1984 (10)
Garland Slaughter
OF - 1986 (9)
Chick Valley
1B - 1977 (9)
Famous Person↵
You'd pay to hear Harry
Caray pronounce this name
Wild Card
Rob Thomas
LHP - 1995 (2)
Cache Breedlove
3B - 2006 (9)
Jett Metz
RHP - 1979 (10)

Is there anything that Rob Thomas can't ruin? The Pirates were on their way to history. I mean, Jett Metz!


Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.