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Pittsburgh Pirates 2011 MLB Draft Results: As Usual, Bucs Load Up On High School Pitchers

Here’s rundown of the Pirates’ draft picks in rounds five through 10. Once you get past the first couple rounds of the MLB Draft, the players start getting really obscure, and we’ll learn more about them in the coming weeks. But here’s what I can glean in the meantime.

5. Tyler Glasnow, California HS P

6. Dan Gamache, Auburn 3B

7. Jake Burnette, Georgia HS P

8. Jason Creasy, North Carolina HS P

9. Clay Holmes, Alabama HS P

Beginning with their selection of Colten Brewer in the fourth round, the Pirates started going after high school pitchers, as they’ve done after the first couple of rounds in both of their last two drafts. I’m guessing Brewer and Glasnow, a tall, skinny very guy who’s slated to go to the University of Portland next year, will be relatively easy to sign. Sixth-rounder Dan Gamache and 10th-rounder Taylor Lewis are the only college players.

Burnette, Creasy and Holmes all have commitments to bigger programs (Georgia Tech, North Carolina State and Auburn, respectively) and might therefore be tougher to sign. The Pirates have been willing to hand out big bonuses to tall, projectable high-school pitchers in the past, and they probably will be again, but it’s probably likely that they won’t sign all of these players.

The Pirates picked Gerrit Cole in the first round, Josh Bell in the second and Alex Dickerson in the third. See the rest of this storystream for results on those players. At Bucs Dugout, I’m keeping track of the Pirates’ draft picks as they happen.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.