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Pirates Trade Rumors: Bucs Want Team To Add Someone Like Astros' Hunter Pence

Dejan Kovacevic writes that, "behind closed doors," the Pirates want general manager Neal Huntington to add more talent to help the team for the stretch run.

There is no unanimity, but the general consensus is threefold:

1. Someone like [Hunter] Pence would be great, though there are reservations about disrupting the current outfield.

2. Help for [Joel] Hanrahan would be huge. For some, a top priority.

3. Better do something. Some players are skeptical that anything more than minor moves will be made.

I continue to not understand the fascination many Pirates fans - and, apparently, also some Pirates' players - have with adding to the bullpen. The Pirates have the sixth-best bullpen ERA of any team in the majors, and they haven't gotten anything out of one of their top relievers, Evan Meek. It would be nice to have a more reliable lefty, but that's really the bullpen's only weakness. Joel Hanrahan has been a great closer, Jose Veras and Chris Resop have been very good setup men, and Dan McCutchen has been very capable as well. There also appears to be a good chance Chris Leroux can contribute for the rest of the year.

Hunter Pence would be a terrific addition, obviously, but the question is how much it would cost the Pirates to acquire him. They might also try a slugger such as Carlos Pena who might cost the Pirates less in terms of prospects.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.